A new kind of recruiting firm for developers, by developers

We’re committed to helping devs get jobs and further their careers.

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Having trouble finding a job?

We feel your pain.

We’ve been through the process, too – throwing endless applications into ATS black holes, talking to recruiters about positions that sound promising only to end up ghosted – it’s time for something different.

Talent Pool

Our first step toward world domination is assembling a massive talent pool, consisting of devs not only looking for a job, but also those who are happily employed.

Relevant Employers

Next, we’ll start putting together a list of companies that hire developers for specific tech stacks based on our own search efforts as well as recommendations from our community.

Initiation Interview

As part of onboarding devs to our talent pool, we ask targeted questions about skill and experience to get the most accurate picture of abilities.

Job Openings That Fit

When we get employers to hire through us, we’ll comb through our talent pool and select a few candidates that fit the best as well as a few that show promise and are eager to learn, and send those to the employer.

Continuing Education

Eventually, we plan to offer opportunities for members to improve their existing skills and learn new ones to enhance their career prospects.

No Ghosting

We’ll always let you know what’s going on when you’re in the running for a job.

A unique platform

We’re building the software to run this business from scratch,
and we could always use some help.


We love free and open-source software (FOSS).

If our ideas can be sufficiently generalized to a general recruiting audience, we’d love to make our software free.

We’d love to work with other developers who care about FOSS like we do. (Eventually.)

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“Dev Jobs Club has been amazing to work with. I’ve never had such an efficient and easy experience finding a job.”

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